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ISTI – Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologia dell’Informazione

Via G. Moruzzi, 1 – 56124 – Pisa (PI) – Italy

Phone: +39-050-3152906 
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Check out my book: “Similarity Search – The Metric Space Approach”


Research activity

I lead the the Artificial Intelligence for Media and Humanities (AIMH) laboratory at ISTI.

My research interests are Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Image Retrieval, Large Scale Similarity Search, Smart Cameras.


List of publications


I am teaching the Multimedia Information Retrieval and Computer Vision at the MSc (laurea magistralis) in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engeneering at the University of Pisa.

Organization of conferences

I was recently program chair of the following conferences:

  • 12th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications – SISAP 2019
  • 27th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems – SEBD 2019

Technology transfer

I am co-founder of Visual Engines s.r.l. (CNR spin-off pending request), a company developing solutions for visual analysis and searching.


An overview of the projects carried out by the AIMH laboratory is given here.


I am an hi-fi music enthusiast.

I like designing and building vacuum tube amplifiers .